Michele Wheeler

Take Five With:
Michele Wheeler, President & COO, Jackson-Shaw
2016 TREC Leadership Development Chair

  1. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
    I have two favorite childhood memories:
    Summers at the lake with my family. We would enjoy sunrises and sunsets and would water ski from dawn to dusk. It was great being with family and friends with no agenda other than to enjoy spending time together. The chaos of Christmas with cousins at my Dad’s ranch would be another childhood memory for the same reason, just spending time together riding horses, four wheelers, playing games and hearing the house full of laughter and the smell of my Dad’s cooking is a great memory.
  1. Tell me about mentors who helped you get where you are today.
    My mother and grandmother were big influences in my life. Both extraordinary women who never slowed down, loved what they did and taught me the value of relationships, hard work and integrity.In my business career, I have been blessed to work with extremely talented individuals. Jeff Swope encouraged my involvement in TREC and stressed the importance of understanding the motivation of others. Tony Dona and Mary Hager provide great examples of courage and what it means to be a good partner and fiduciary. Steve Golding and Holt Lunsford provide examples of how as a Christian you have an opportunity for others to see something different in the way you conduct your business in the workplace, and Lewis Shaw continues to teach me many life lessons and what true entrepreneurship looks like and the value of investing your time in others.
  1. What do you like most about working in commercial real estate?
    I love the relationship opportunities this business affords each of us and the creative process of developing with a great team.
  1. If you could give young, aspiring leaders one piece of advice what would it be?
    Always continue to learn, communicate, respect others and never underestimate the power of what a great team can do collectively.
  1. How have TREC’s leadership programs benefited your career?
    The single best volunteer and leadership program I have been involved with was ALC. Will Cureton was our leader and the friendships formed during this program are invaluable. From the initial involvement and exposure with ALC, I was personally afforded a variety of leadership opportunities to contribute to the organization including Chairman. Will Mundinger gave me my first leadership position as Treasurer of the organization and I will always be grateful for the great leadership team we had during the recession, Tony Dona, Jim Berry, Chip Cavanaugh, Neal Sleeper, Melissa Eastman, Manny Ybarra really went above and beyond the call of duty. It was a privilege to be in the trenches with them.