Mike Geisler

Take Five With:
Mike Geisler, Partner, Venture Commercial
2016 TREC I Give! Campaign Chair

  1. What do you enjoy doing most when you are not working?
    I enjoy going to the lake, reading or taking my wife out on a date.
  2. If you could play a round of golf with three people, who would you invite?
    I’d invite Tony Robbins for intensity, Pope Francis for do overs and Taylor Swift for entertainment. Heck, I don’t even play golf, but this sounds like fun!
  3. What has been your greatest challenge during your career in commercial real estate?
    My greatest challenge is getting people to realize that our lives are short. Getting people to “wake up” and chose to live their life in a meaningful way.
  4. What’s your vision for Dallas?
    I would like to see Dallas recognized as a city that fosters innovation; a city that attracts great minds; a city that leads the world in innovation.
  5. As the chair of the I Give! campaign, why do you personally give to TREC Foundation?
    We all have many choices to give to great causes and organizations. I just love what TREC Foundation is about and what they do with our donations. They make Dallas a better place.