Mitch Paradise

Take Five With:
Mitch Paradise, Owner and President, Paradise Development Partners
2016 TREC PAC Chair

  1. What is your favorite spot or favorite thing to do in Dallas?
    We love to take our kids on urban adventures. We usually jump on the DART Rail and explore. We can go as far as the zoo, stop at the Omni and explore the convention center district, or visit my project for the Dallas High School restoration, Klyde Warren Park and the Arts District, or stop at CityPlace and take the “magic escalator” up to the trolley and get ice cream in West Village. The kids love it and it’s a cheap date! A close second is exploring the Discovery Gardens in Fair Park on a quiet weekday afternoon.
  1. When I was young, I wanted to be a _________.
    Pro athlete. Ridiculous I know, but in reality I wanted to study architecture as early as seventh grade and interned with Humphreys and Partners in high school for AP credit. After graduating from Texas A&M, I practiced for 15 years before switching to commercial development.
  1. What is the number one skill needed to be successful in commercial real estate?
    Work ethic and integrity go hand in hand. You can teach people most other skills, but I won’t hire anyone who doesn’t score very high in those two categories.
  1. What has been your greatest challenge in getting to where you are today?
    Patience, or lack thereof. I tend to be hard on myself and demanding of others. Over the years, I have learned to stop and look around more and appreciate God for everything that I have and all of the support people have given me to help me succeed.
  1. What goals do you have this year for TREC’s Political Action Committee as the Chair?
    To leave a mark on the organization by influencing local policy and expanding our recognition both inside and outside of our membership. Those who came before me made a great impact on our city and Linda has been a steadfast leader. Walt Humann recently visited us and said, “When TREC calls, you answer and then you show up!” That’s pretty powerful for a legendary leader of our city to hold us in that regard.