May. 02, 2016 by TREC Staff

Behind Old Parkland’s Gates

Old Parkland, once a hospital in the early 1900s, sat unoccupied for years with crumbling infrastructure covered in graffiti until Harlan Crow began restoration in 2008. Harlan envisioned a corporate office park…

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Apr. 21, 2016 by TREC Staff

5 Transit Trends Shaping DFW

Transportation plays a vital role in shaping the region’s commercial real estate industry and spurring economic growth. And luckily, Dallas-Fort Worth’s long history as a continental crossroads continues…

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Apr. 14, 2016 by TREC Staff

A Look at Risk with Mark Okada

The current market is heavily sentiment-driven. Massive uncertainty around everything from interest rates to oil prices gives sentiment more weight and increases its ability to move markets. This environment creates…

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Apr. 11, 2016 by TREC Staff

DFW is in Demand for Data Centers

As the demand for data centers increase, this year is expected to be a big year for their development. In fact, Dallas-Fort Worth now ranks as the country’s second-largest data center market, not far behind northern…

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Mar. 25, 2016 by Gina Kacamburas, SVP Director Marketing, Technology, JLL

Drones Can Enrich a Property’s Story—When Used Judiciously

Drones aren't just the latest fad in consumer gadgets – their unique angles and inspiring footage mean that they will be an important tool for property marketers, managers and site selectors for years to…

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Mar. 24, 2016 by Laura Collins, Manager, Economic Growth, George W. Bush Institute

The Scorecard: Is North America Competitive?

The George W. Bush Institute’s Economic Growth program launched the North America Competitiveness Initiative in 2015, an exciting effort to promote the economic competitiveness of the United States, Canada and Mexico.…

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Mar. 18, 2016 by Jessica Heer, Vice President of Economic Development, Dallas Regional Chamber

Dallas – A Magnet for Talent

Texas and the Dallas Region are consistently ranked as one of the top places in the nation for business thanks to a business-friendly environment, low cost of doing business, and robust access to both U.S. and world…

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Mar. 11, 2016 by Zach Martin, Associate, Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, PC

New Alamo Drafthouse Helps Cedars’ Revitalization

Beyond the reclaimed bricks and locally-sourced menu featured at the new South Dallas location of Alamo Drafthouse, the redevelopment of the surrounding Cedars neighborhood is a case study in how a community’s success…

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Mar. 08, 2016 by TREC Staff

3 Trends Disrupting Commercial Real Estate

In TREC’s first Technology Quarterly webinar, Elie Finegold, innovator and entrepreneur in technology and real estate, discusses three trends changing how we consume the built environment. Finegold explains how…

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