Mar. 15, 2017 by TREC Staff

8 Ways to be an Amazing Mentor

You've signed on to be mentor and your bright-eyed mentee is ready to soak up any and all guidance, wisdom and feedback you're willing to share. As your start to navigate your mentee over roadblocks, keep this advice…

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Mar. 14, 2017 by TREC Staff

What to Ask and What Not to Ask Your Mentor

So you've landed your mentor and are eager to unlock all their secrets. But before peppering your mentor with questions, take a minute to prepare questions that will help you establish a foundation for meaningful…

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Mar. 10, 2017 by Bob Rose, Principal, Rose Porterfield Group

Multitasking, Single-Tasking and Productivity

Multitasking is a trait people often think all successful executives share. And those who cannot do it may feel lacking when around those who seemingly juggle multiple tasks and interruptions effectively without…

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Mar. 02, 2017 by Aaron Echols, Vice President, Frost Bank

15 Leadership Lessons from Emmitt Smith

Developing a successful commercial real estate brokerage office and winning three Super Bowls on your way to becoming the all-time leading rusher for the National Football League gives you ample opportunity to fine-tune…

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Jan. 03, 2017 by Robyn Porterfield and Bob Rose, Rose Porterfield Group

The Secret to Reaching the C-Suite: Stop Worrying

Being a leader involves a lot of headaches and they don’t go away as you move up in your leadership roles. So if you aim for the C-Suite, are you guaranteed more anxiety and worry? Many of the young, aspiring…

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Nov. 23, 2016 by Robyn Porterfield and Bob Rose, Rose Porterfield Group

Trust in the Workplace

One of the foundations of business is trust because, as business people, we must engage with others constantly to make business work. In leadership roles, the creation and maintenance of trust is therefore paramount. If…

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Nov. 15, 2016 by TREC Staff

Mentoring Matters

Everyone needs advice. Whether it's navigating a sticky situation at work or figuring out where you want to be in five years, having someone you can turn to is helpful. If you're not convinced, here are a few…

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