Sep. 08, 2016 by TREC Staff

33 Tips to Master Nonverbal Communication

Good communication skills are in high-demand for almost any position. And a big part in communicating includes what your posture, facial expressions, physical distance from others and hand gestures says to others. As…

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Aug. 29, 2016 by Robyn Porterfield and Bob Rose, Rose Porterfield Group

Why Not Often is a Big Deal

When people come in for assessment as part of a pre-hire or coaching engagement they often, like all of us, have their shortcomings. And quite frequently, like all of us, they choose to be blind to or minimize those…

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Aug. 29, 2016 by Tyler Berns, Business Development, Austin Commercial

Insights from Industry Veterans

TREC does an incredible job of connecting people in our city. The Young Guns’ new event, Rising to The Top, is another excellent example of this. Perched high above the city on the 42nd floor of Bank of America Plaza,…

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Aug. 08, 2016 by Robyn Porterfield and Bob Rose, Rose Porterfield Group

Big Egos are Weak Egos

Some personality terms, like extraversion, mean the same thing when used by psychologists and non-psychologists. But one term we use quite differently is ego. Most people talk about “big egos” as egotistical…

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Jul. 12, 2016 by TREC Staff

Five Testimonies to the ALC Program

With more than 500 Associate Leadership Council graduates over the last twenty years, the ALC program is TREC's longest-standing leadership development program. Over 10 months, commercial real estate professionals…

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Jul. 11, 2016 by Robyn Porterfield, PhD, Managing Principal, Rose Porterfield Group

Living in the Moment: What Happens and Tips to Get There

Years ago I wrote a column about mindfulness. Living in the moment was not easy for me then and it still isn’t today. While I am better, at times, I still find myself thinking about all I need to accomplish or…

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Jun. 13, 2016 by TREC Staff

9 Techniques for Holding Effective Meetings

Meetings are crucial to the workplace, but they are also among the most despised part of business life. How many meetings have you endured wishing you could be doing something more productive? After all, time is money…

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May. 26, 2016 by Robyn Porterfield, Managing Principal, Rose Porterfield Group

Lessons from Gideon and Cole: Managing Your Responses

Gideon and Cole have different ways of dealing with challenges. Gideon is younger, insecure and responds to any perceived challenge with immediate irritation, counter-aggression and often anger. Cole, his mentor, is…

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May. 03, 2016 by Robyn Porterfield and Bob Rose, Rose Porterfield Group

Ask Rob and Bob: How to Respond to Negative Survey Results

Rob and Bob: Ten years ago, I built a small business working out of my garage. We now have a suite of offices with 30 employees. I loved my work and my people, until lately. I called in a consultant to do an…

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Apr. 18, 2016 by TREC Staff

Tips to Fight your Public Speaking Fear

Did you know public speaking is the most common of all phobias? In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports public speaking is the American public’s number one fear, followed by the fear of death. Yes, this means we…

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