Dec. 12, 2016 by Nathan Golik, Managing Director Development, NexCore Group

Understanding TREC Foundation’s Grant Process

My first interaction with TREC was an invitation from a friend to join him on his grant committee team back in 2003. That process opened my eyes to how my industry could impact the local Dallas community. Since that first foray, my participation in the grants process is an annual endeavor for me, personally. After finishing chairing TREC’s grant committee this past month, I am encouraged about the opportunities we have as individuals, and collectively as TREC members, to enhance our community through targeted investment and specific volunteer professional services.

Each year, countless qualified organizations complete a detailed application process for a monetary grant from TREC Foundation. An initial prequalification process is performed to ensure we have a potential project worth exploring, and then a team of TREC members is sent out to perform a site visit and due diligence on the viability of the project and its impact. That team develops a report and recommendation which is then presented to the grants committee. The committee analyzes and determines the appropriate monetary award as well as any other professional services to be provided to the applicant.

Our process this year was exceeding successful as TREC Foundation will award over $200,000 in grants covering eight different important causes that fit well within the four focus areas of TREC’s influence. I was particularly impressed this year at the quality of work going into analyzing the proposals. And while the basic function of the committee is to put out capital, I find it to be equally important to see how our membership and those that participate in the R&D process are impacted personally by the individuals and organizations they spent time with. You can’t get involved in this part of our organization without coming away with a better understanding of the needs in our community, and how our time, money and knowledge can improve the city and lives of many of our fellow citizens. Having an impact in these areas are going to be critical for the future of our community.

Here’s who TREC Foundation is funding in 2017:

  • Catholic Charities of Dallas: $25,000
  • Educational First Steps: $33,000
  • Emanuel Lutheran Church: $18,000
  • Genesis Women’s Shelter: $20,000
  • Harmony CDC (ALC Project): $70,000
  • Jubilee Park and Community Center: $15,000
  • Moorland YMCA: $50,000
  • UNT Dallas College of Law: $5,000

Nathan Golik has more than 17 years of experience in commercial real estate finance, with the past 12 years focused exclusively on healthcare.