Community Advocates Real Estate 101

Join us for a complimentary two-hour session designed to provide an overview to the complexities of real estate to community advocates seeking to build the community they envision.

Your will learn the basics needed to analyze real estate needs, such as the decision to lease, buy or develop, and navigate the development process including financing and partnerships. This capacity-building program provides community advocates with the capabilities to make educated real estate decisions that in turn help them implement innovative solutions to community development.

This program is produced by TREC Community Fund. TREC Community Fund believes supporting communities and rebuilding local economies takes innovative solutions. We provide nonprofit and for-profit organization in Dallas and Collin Counties access to capital for commercial real estate projects benefiting low-income families and their communities through flexible loans and development services.

If you are a nonprofit executive, you may be eligible for TREC Foundation’s five-part Real Estate 101 course.