Harmony CDC Ribbon Cutting

TREC’s Associate Leadership Council (ALC) Class of 2017 invites you to the ribbon cutting ceremony for their class project with Harmony Community Development Center. Join us to celebrate the opening of the newly expanded self-shop food pantry, followed by a tour the project.

Here’s what you need to know about the ALC Class Project:

  • Issue: Harmony CDC’s resource center focuses on providing healthy, nutritional and quality food to individuals and families in need through their 2,450-square-foot food pantry. But the existing food pantry doesn’t allow any choice for the clients.
  • TREC’s Contribution: The ALC Class converted the current facility into a client choice model. So instead of volunteers pre-boxing the same food for everyone, clients can now make their own healthy food selection in a grocery market shopping style. The ALC Class provided structural, engineering, architectural and all other services required to renovate the food pantry.
  • Impact: The renovation will help manage food costs, reduce waste, provide healthy options, accommodate dietary restrictions and allow Harmony CDC personnel to spend more time with clients as they shop. 

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