Your Dollars at Work

In all of our activities, we are faithful stewards of your dollars. A board of directors, chaired by Mitch Paradise, governs the PAC and meets regularly to discuss and monitor issues and candidates. PAC membership fees and contributions support candidates and fund advocacy efforts, policy campaigns and programs supporting public policy issues. Contributions must be from personal funds payable to The Real Estate Council PAC and are not tax deductible.

For more information about the PAC, contact Linda McMahon at or 214.580.1681.

Join the PAC

The PAC is open to all members of The Real Estate Council. Your membership in and contributions to the PAC ensure that our professional advocates represent your business interests locally and in Austin. The PAC also directly funds our candidate endorsements.

Membership in the PAC begins at $50, but we encourage you to join at the $1,000 level to qualify to participate on the PAC board. Our goal is 100% member support of the PAC.

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PAC Board

    Jim Knight
    , Stantec
    Shawn Todd
    , Todd Interests
    Linda McMahon, The Real Estate Council
    Courtney Naudo
    , Deloitte. 
    Greg Kraus,
     Invesco Real Estate
    Britton Church
    , JLB Partners
    Ryan Garcia
    Austin Commercial
    Courtney Emich Spellicy
  • Robert Bennett, Thackeray Partners
  • Donald Braun, HALL Group
  • Kevin Bryant, Crow Holdings Capital Partners, L.L.C.
  • Glenn Callison, Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr P.C.
  • John Cullins, EY
  • David Gleeson, GRAA Investments, LLC
  • Justin Goertz, Marvin F. Poer & Company
  • Suzan Kedron, Jackson Walker L.L.P.
  • Frank Mihalopoulos, Corinth Properties
  • Judson Pankey, Prescott Realty Group
  • Mitch Paradise, Paradise Development Partners
  • Deborah Ryan, Squire Patton Boggs LLP
  • Neal Sleeper, Cityplace Company
  • Sean Tate, Kane Russell Coleman & Logan PC

PAC Members

  • Sue M. Ansel
  • Stephen D. Bancroft
  • Evan Beattie
  • Robert H. Bennett
  • Jim Berry
  • Garrett Bird
  • Bryan C. Birkeland
  • Keith Bjerke
  • Kevin Bryant
  • Diane Butler
  • Glenn Callison
  • Aaron T. Capps
  • Heath Cheek
  • Susan C. Cox
  • John W. Cullins
  • Michael W. Dardick
  • Vance Detwiler
  • Anthony Dona
  • Brian Driesse
  • Marti DuBuisson
  • Courtney Emich Spellicy
  • Matt S. Enzler
  • Travis C. Ewert
  • Duncan T. Fulton
  • Ryan J. Garcia
  • Roger C. Gault
  • Patricia L. Gibson
  • David W. Gleeson
  • Justin Goertz
  • Will Hodges
  • Kim Hogan
  • William H. Hornberger
  • Suzan Kedron
  • James Knight
  • Eric E. Krueger
  • Michael A. Krywucki
  • Zachary Martin
  • Frank Mihalopoulos
  • Will Mundinger III
  • Jon C. Napper
  • Clayton Newman
  • Kellie R. O’Lear
  • Judson L. Pankey
  • Mitch Paradise
  • Joseph Pitchford
  • Kasey Ratliff
  • Jared Rooker
  • Ross E. Ruschhaupt
  • Arthur Santa-Maria
  • Lewis W. Shaw, II
  • Neal D. Sleeper
  • Brian Smith
  • Evan W. Stone
  • Sean Tate
  • Tommy Tucker
  • Herb D. Weitzman
  • Michele Wheeler
  • Gregory L. Williams
  • Todd A. Williams
  • Manny M. Ybarra