Powerful Giving

Each fall The Real Estate Council Foundation grant committees review dozens of applications completed by Dallas nonprofit organizations. Each request is screened for its potential to benefit the community and its fit with our four focus areas: education, housing, job creation and the environment. The Real Estate Council Foundation Board approves the grant finalists.

Grantees receive funding along with a team of TREC volunteers who donate time and expertise to make the project vision a reality. This special combination of financial support and sweat equity binds TREC members to their community and each other in a unique way – creating a powerful force for positive change.

Our Impact


Contributed more than $10 million in grant funds


Reached more than 327,000 individuals in need


Complete more than 3,000 hours of time worth more than $750,000 each year


Assisted more than 100 nonprofit organizations

2018 Foundation Grantees

Dallas Catalyst Project

In January 2017, the TREC Foundation Board determined that future funding for the TREC Foundation would shift to a hybrid approach of funding high-impact projects in specific geographies that drive to specific outcomes.

Key components of the grant criteria were:

  • Having an existing or planned effort in a specific geographic area within the limits of the City of Dallas
  • Have specific project(s) relative to those solutions
  • Have collaborative partners already identified
  • Have measurable and reportable outcomes and impacts
  • Funding over a three-year period
  • Opportunity for TREC members to engage in volunteer or professional services opportunities

The total financial commitment is $1 million over three years, beginning in 2018.

TREC members selected the Forest Theater Project in South Dallas/Fair Park. As residents have gradually moved out of the South Dallas/Fair Park neighborhood, the area has been largely neglected, resulting in a state of physical disrepair as well as a spike in poverty, crime, homelessness and blight. The current state of the commercial and residential structures in South Dallas/Fair Park do not reflect the community’s values, culture or rich history, and residents deserve facilities and amenities that encourage a better quality of life for all. St. Philip’s School and Community Center, CitySquare and Cornerstone Baptist Church have proposed to revitalize the iconic Forest Theater and a 12,000 square-foot retail space on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, install more aesthetically-pleasing landscaping and improved lighting and create an innovative communal space using the canopy of the I-45 bridge. Each of these structures proposed in the project is located within a 1,050-foot radius and together create a triangular landscape that will foster a new chapter of art, retail and communal space in South Dallas/Fair Park’s history.


For Oak Cliff (ALC Project)


Redesign and renovation of For Oak Cliff‘s headquarters in Oak Cliff to provide efficient community meeting and education spaces that will accommodate the 2Gen approach of For Oak Cliff’s work.

Jubilee Park and Community Center (Legacy Leaders Impact Award recipient)

INVESTMENT: $100,000

This grant will support the creation of a program in conjunction with the Dallas County Community College District to provide training to Jubilee residents in construction and security jobs.

Completed Projects

Use our interactive map to navigate past projects completed by TREC members and TREC Community Fund loans. Click any icon on the map and learn more about the investment our members and funding partners made to improve the community.