Oct. 02, 2017 by TREC Staff

Dressing for Giving Gala: What is ‘Casual Chic?’

Giving Gala 2017 promises to be a fun-filled evening of philanthropy and dancing beneath the setting sun at the Hilton Anatole’s Sculpture Park.

Sounds like a good time, right? We think so, too.

So what should you wear?

The prescribed dress is “casual chic,” but remember: we will be outdoors in projected 80-plus-degree weather and dancing is a major component of our program.

What we’re saying is, please — ditch the suit. Wear something you’ll be comfortable in while breaking out your best (or, for others, silliest) moves in front of your colleagues and peers. Just make sure you look good doing it.

Gentlemen: break out your dark wash jeans, the colorful chinos, the flashy-but-classy button-down shirt, the lightweight sports jacket. The socks. Wear your boldest socks, the ones that don’t quite fit into your standard navy-and-charcoal workday aesthetic. We’re sure you’ll look fantastic, but if you need more suggestions, click here.

Ladies: You, too, should consider denim, jeans or jackets, black or blue. Pair your highest heels and sharpest blazer for a sophisticated look. Show off the season’s trendiest patterns and brightest colors. Think “Saturday party” on a Thursday night. Accessorize to your heart’s delight. Your options are truly endless, but if you’d like some more inspiration, click here.

Perhaps the best advice we can give is to have fun with your look. Mix things up. Let the spirit and personality that drive our industry forward in DFW shine.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with Thursday.