Jan. 13, 2017 by TREC Staff

Top 5 Most-Watched Webinars in 2016

In 2016, we launched TREC Webinars to provide our members with market updates, news on what’s next in commercial real estate technology and insights on public policy issues.

In case you missed out, here’s your chance to catch the top 5 most-watched webinars from last year.

Webinar #5: Trends Disrupting Commercial Real Estate

Elie Finegold, innovator and entrepreneur in technology and real estate, discusses three trends changing how we consume the built environment. Finegold explains how radical mobility, a collaborative economy and autonomous vehicles all result in real estate consumed as a cloud service – interoperable, on-demand and always on.

Webinar #4: What’s New with REITS

As of market close on August 31, 2016, real estate is now the 11th equity sector within the GICS structure. Joe Fisher, co-lead portfolio manager for the Deutsche Real Estate Portfolio, weighed in on the implications for real estate investment.

Webinar #3: Brexit

Britain’s historic vote to withdraw from the European Union rocked global markets. Katrina Dudley, co-portfolio manager of Franklin Mutual European Fund and the Luxemburg-registered FTIF Franklin Mutual European Fund, discussed Brexit’s impact, what it means for Europe and investment opportunities.

Webinar #2: A Look at Risk with Mark Okada

Mark Okada, co-founder and chief investment officer at Highland Capital Management, provided a detailed risk assessment. Okada discussed macro risk, financial conditions risk and liquidity risk.

Webinar #1: Dallas as a Smart City

Jennifer Sanders and Trey Bowles, co-founders of Dallas Innovation Alliance, a coalition invested in Dallas’ evolution as an innovative, “smart” global city, shared plans to make Dallas one of the world’s most connected Smart Cities.