Johnny Begzos

Johnny Begzos, Republic Title
2021 Young Guns Chair

What is the most important aspect of engaging our Young Guns members as we continue to move away from the restrictions and safety precautions brought on by the pandemic?

I think we want our Young Guns to have fun at our upcoming events and remember why they enjoyed gathering and meeting new people before the pandemic hit. When our members attend, I think they will be reminded of the benefit TREC provides to them and the great work TREC does in the community.

Next month, the Young Guns will introduce their new major fundraising event, Night at the Levee. What excites you most about the new event?

The most exciting part of Night at the Levee is that we took all the great parts of Casino Night and then made them better to create this new and improved event. With the live music, it will have a fun atmosphere along with highlighting the Young Guns project for 2021, which is what all the proceeds for this event go toward.

The last year made clear the importance of prioritizing one’s mental health. When life gets overwhelming, how do you relax?

I clear my mind through physical activity. I try to get out and do something every day, whether it be playing golf, working out, or taking my dog for a walk. I think I also like these activities because they disconnect me from my phone. I think going without my phone for a small part of every day is important.

As someone as heavily involved with our Young Guns members as you have been in recent years, what is something you wish other generations understood about young professionals?

I think we enjoy learning new things and being challenged. As long as the work is stimulating and it feels like there is room to grow at our company, most of my peers are pretty happy.

TREC’s slogan, “Build the City You’ve Imagined,” is a challenge to our members and community partners to leave a positive, lasting impact on the skyline and Dallas community. What does that slogan mean for you, your career, and your work with our Young Guns members?

TREC has taken on bold challenges throughout its history, most recently with the Dallas Catalyst Project. They have taken a million-dollar promise to St. Phillips School and Community Center, Cornerstone Baptist Church, and CitySquare and turned it into a multi-million-dollar investment. I am very fortunate to work at a company like Republic Title that has supported TREC for decades and suggested I join Young Guns from my first day on the job. All of these factors are what have made my experience as a Young Gun great and make me believe I will be a TREC member for the rest of my career.