Moody Younger

Moody Younger, Younger Partners, LLC
FightNight XXXI Chair

It seems like we just put on our black ties and tails and met ‘Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler at FightNight 30, but here we are planning FightNight XXXI! How much are you looking forward to this year’s event?

FightNight is the real estate industry’s premier philanthropic event, with opportunities to reconnect with friends and colleagues in a fun Vegas-style environment right here in Dallas. We are blazing a new trail this year with our theme of “black ties and boots.” I expect it to be to be tons of fun. The event is also for a great cause and the amount of work put in by volunteers and the TREC staff to continuously improve the event and raise money for the TREC Foundation is truly remarkable.

What are some of your fondest memories of FightNight?

Fight Night’s rich tradition of camaraderie within the real estate industry is second to none. Catching up while watching great boxing makes all FightNight events memorable. However, my favorite memory was my first FightNight. It was 1997 and we had recently moved back to Dallas. Reconnecting with Dallas’ real estate community and recognizing the positive impact we have on the region immediately made me feel at home. For someone that had been away for four years, it gave me a much deeper appreciation for the amount of good we all can do for others.

Since FightNight’s inception, TREC Foundation has helped raise more than $27 million through the event for its projects throughout the city. This year’s FightNight coincides with the 25th anniversary of TREC Foundation, and proceeds will benefit the ongoing Dallas Catalyst Project. How does it feel to carry on those traditions?

It is an honor to serve as the chairman and feel the connection with TREC Foundation. The Dallas Catalyst Project will have a remarkable impact on a neighborhood in our community that has historically been overlooked. We are beginning year two of TREC Foundation’s three-year initiative to invest $1 million in grants and pro bono professional services and are already seeing wonderful results. Many don’t realize it, but the original idea and initiative for Klyde Warren Park was developed by TREC Foundation. Honestly, it is humbling to “carry the baton” for a brief time.

Why is it so important for our members to get their tickets and tables to FightNight XXXI?

TREC has raised more than $27 million over the course of FightNight’s 31-year history. Without the support of the commercial real estate community, its contributions, and its attendance at great events like this, we couldn’t finance the wonderful work that TREC Foundation has done. Based on current interest levels, we expect this year’s event to be sold out well in advance. Get your tickets now and help us raise money for Dallas Catalyst Project. If you haven’t toured the project, you should.  It is remarkable.

TREC’s slogan is to Build the City You’ve Imagined, a call to action for our members to consider the legacy they’d like to leave on Dallas. What kind of city do you imagine? What kind of long-term impact do you wish to leave on our city?

It will take all of us, but what I dream of is a city full of opportunities for everyone. If everyone born in Dallas has the opportunity and sees the pathway to achieve their very best, we will be wildly successful. The Dallas Catalyst Project is a seed, planted by TREC Foundation, that with our continued support will become the spark that ignites this dream to fulfillment. I look forward to seeing everyone on April 25 in black ties and boots!