Nathan Nash

Nathan Nash, Steeplechase Ventures
2018 Leadership Alumni Chair

1. Now that we’re about a year into the revamped Leadership Alumni, how have graduates of TREC’s Associate Leadership Council and Fellowship of Executive Leaders benefited from uniting through the program?

Both the ALC and Fellowship programs are designed to develop the leadership qualities of the participants. The ALC program is focused on individuals at an earlier point in their career and the Fellowship program on more experienced professionals. One of the great aspects of TREC is the opportunity for mentorship. By combining the programming for alumni from both the ALC and Fellowship, we’ve created an environment to foster these relationships.

2. What are the goals of the Leadership Alumni? How do ALC/Fellowshipgraduates benefit from participating? What kinds of events and programming do you all provide?

Our mission is to encourage continued involvement from ALC and Fellowship graduates by providing ongoing learning, leadership, networking and engagement opportunities. The season of life after ALC can be a very demanding period, as alumni experience growing responsibilities at work, growing families, and so on. We keep people active in the organization by offering relevant programming such as our neighborhood lunch series, which typically focuses on a new development and includes a tour. We also host networking happy hours and connect our members to other initiatives within TREC.

3. Tell us a bit about how Steeplechase Ventures fits into the broader commercial real estate industry. What has co-founding and helping grow that company taught you about leadership?

Steeplechase Ventures is a commercial real estate investment and development company.  We focus on retail, office and industrial assets including build to suits, redevelopments and covered land plays.  Recently, we began developing a hunting club, which has been a lot of fun.

Running a business has reinforced the concept of stewardship for me. As a small company, we are accountable for our decisions and we consider how our actions will affect others in hopes of establishing strong relationships.

4. A career in commercial real estate often provides you access to unique vantage points across the city. What’s the best view in Dallas?

Great question. So many come to mind. The view from The Joule’s cantilevered pool over Main Street is pretty cool though.

5. TREC’s guiding principle and challenge to its members is to ‘Build the City You’ve Imagined.’ What does that expression mean to you? What kind of lasting impact do you want your commercial real estate career to have on Dallas?

Dallas is already a great city full of opportunity, but I think this is an excellent challenge.  As a real estate community, we have a responsibility to help shape how our City addresses issues such as education, affordable housing, infrastructure, job creation and the list goes on.  I appreciate the way that TREC offers members various avenues to engage on these issues, and I’m excited to see how the new Catalyst Project will unfold.  Throughout my career, I hope that I’ll be able to work on projects that enhance the communities around them and improve quality of life.