Ran Holman

Take Five With:
Ran Holman, Managing Principal, Cushman & Wakefield
2017 Chairman-Elect and Foundation Chair

1. Where were you born and raised

Dallas born and bred.

2. I hear you are quite the fisherman. What do you enjoy about fishing? Where is your favorite fishing spot?

Fishing is an activity that captivates me. Anything that involves water, and my family and/or friends is a winner for me. I was never much of a fresh water fisherman until I became a father. I have fished Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Florida, up and down the Gulf, all over Mexico, the Virgin Islands, Antigua, Alaska, Hawaii and I have taken my 13-year-old son Alligator Gar fishing on the Trinity about 100 miles south of Dallas.

3. What do you enjoy most about working in commercial real estate?

I think it is the challenges that every day brings. I have been doing this since the late 1980’s and there is almost no routine. Like fishing, you prepare and then take what comes your way. It is an amazing industry filled with huge personalities. Whether it is inside our shop or folks with whom we work, I love the people in this business.

4. When you think about what the future holds for Dallas, what are you most excited about?

I think it is the relevance that Dallas has achieved. I have always believed that the JFK assassination took Dallas on a different course than it otherwise would have had. Dallas had to try harder. Dallas had to burnish and reinvent itself. The area embraces change. It welcomes folks from outside. It is the perfect mix of proud Texan heritage and an international city.

5. As TREC Foundation’s Chairman, what potential impact could TREC’s new $1 million grant – the Dallas Catalyst Project – have on the community?

The great opportunity, as the name would imply, is for us to catalyze positive change in key areas that will spawn more growth and revitalization. The key is for us to find the opportunities that will spark more involvement, more understanding and more resources to areas that need it. Dallas has so much going for it, TREC and TREC Foundation have an opportunity to use our resources to be a part of something much grander. It all starts with belief and commitment.