Rick Perdue

Take Five With:
Rick Perdue, President of Rosewood Property Company (former Senior Managing Director at Mill Creek Residential Trust)
2018 ALC Chair

1. Where is your favorite place in Dallas? 

It would have to be White Rock Lake. I have ridden my bike around there countless times. It is truly the crown jewel of Dallas outdoors. I have seen many beautiful sunrises and lots of wild animals. On the weekends in particular, White Rock is a wonderful mosaic of Dallas people from all parts of the City.

2. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to Australia. I have never known anyone to have a bad experience there and most people come back talking about a life changing experience. I would love to dive the Great Barrier Reef (and of course get in a bike ride).

3. Who is a leader you admire?

Ross Perot Sr. His life is a classic American success story. We are lucky to have such an incredible person live here in Dallas. I recently had the opportunity to see his new museum at the Hillwood headquarters and it does a great job of capturing the many phases of his life. He is the ultimate servant leader.

4. What is the most difficult part of leadership?

Building a consensus. It is often easiest to just make a decision and move on but it is crucial to have buy-in from all team members, especially on complicated real estate developments that have multiple teams involved.

5. As the chair of the Associate Leadership Council’s Class of 2018, what do you hope next year’s class accomplishes?

Step one is to simply maintain the incredible standard set by past years. Step two is continuing to elevate the program beyond what it is today. One specific goal is to make each program day as current and relevant as possible given the many changes going on in Dallas right now. I have a specific passion for connecting the Dallas trails together, so I am sure I will do what I can to get that topic covered as much as possible.