Robin Offutt

Robin Offutt, Deloitte.
2018 Treasurer

1. As treasurer of this year’s executive board, how do you lend your skills to our organization?

My background and experience allows me to bring a deep financial accounting perspective. I have been able to assist TREC’s accounting team with certain accounting questions that have come up throughout the year. The numbers aren’t generally the most exciting topic on the agenda, but they are very important, so presenting that information in a concise and meaningful way has been a good challenge.

2. What was your experience like as a member of the 2015 Associate Leadership Council class? What effect did your participation have on your career?

ALC was an incredible experience. The program offered up the opportunity to get an insider’s view in to Dallas and what’s going on in our city (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Also, the program provided a unique opportunity to become more educated on what is going on in the city and give back to the community through our class project. In addition to all of that, I got the chance to build lasting relationships with 29 other peers.

I also became more aware of what TREC is involved in and I have a greater appreciation for everything the organization does and how impactful TREC is in the community. As a result, I was eager to become more involved with TREC.

3. If you had an afternoon free of family or work responsibilities, how would you spend the time?

Oh gosh, now wouldn’t that be something. I love to try new restaurants, so I would probably try a new restaurant with a group of friends. Also, even though I don’t get to do this much, I do really enjoy attending live sporting events and concerts.

4. A career in commercial real estate often provides you access to unique vantage points across the city. What’s the best view in Dallas?

I think the view from Trinity Groves looking across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge back in to downtown is a pretty great view.

5. TREC’s guiding principle and challenge to its members is to ‘Build the City You’ve Imagined.’ What does that expression mean to you? What kind of lasting impact do you want your commercial real estate career to have on Dallas?

The great thing about “Build the City You’ve Imagined” is how personal that guiding principle feels.  To me, it means taking ownership over the direction that we take this city.  I hope that not only through my career, but also through my personal life, I can explore and take advantage of all of the great opportunities and experiences that Dallas offers, and also that I make others more aware of what’s going on in this great city and how to get involved in an impactful way.