Steve Aldrich

Steve Aldrich, Hillwood Properties
2022 Leadership Development Advisory Chair

With the 2022 Associate Leadership Council (ALC) and Mentorship Program now underway, what are you most excited about regarding TREC’s leadership development programs this year?

The Mentorship Program is such an outstanding way to facilitate meaningful interaction between the younger generations of TREC members with seasoned veterans in our industry. What I am probably most excited about this year is the fantastic group of individuals who have committed to the program, both on the mentee side as well as the mentor side. This year we have focused on providing guidelines for both sides to facilitate these relationships. I truly believe mentorship is a critical component to career success. It is my hope that the mentors are able to learn just as much as the mentees during this program, especially in the environment we find ourselves in right now.

As a member of the Associate Leadership Council Class of 2005, how has your participation in TREC’s leadership development programs benefited your real estate career?

I often refer back to ALC as a defining period in my career and I believe the program is one of (of not the most) important programs offered to young professionals. I formed some great relationships and friendships that I still have today during the program. One of the things I love most about this Dallas/Fort Worth real estate community is the willingness of people in our industry to help one another, whether they are competitors, clients, consultants, or partners. We had all of that in our ALC class. The ALC program really sets the tone for future TREC involvement, where the “giving back” mentality is so evident.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from continuing your education as a real estate professional?

In this business, and especially in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can’t ever stop learning. To think about this industry 25 years ago when I first started out to now, the people are what sets it apart. The more time you spend learning from others, the more successful you will be. Taking the time to nurture those relationships is as important as anything. The growth and opportunity we have seen in this market has been stunning and I often think about the opportunities that will arise over the next 25 years. Get as involved as you can, even when you don’t think you have the time!

If you had a day free from work or family obligations – a completely empty calendar – how would you spend it?

So much of my time is spent with my three daughters and my wife, which I love. However, if everyone was out of town for one day, I would be playing golf, having dinner and cocktails with my friends, and probably worrying about what I have to do tomorrow.

TREC’s slogan “Build the City You’ve Imagined” serves as a challenge to our members to leave an impactful legacy on our city and in the community. What does this slogan mean to you and what kind of legacy would you like to leave at the end of your career?

I am very fortunate to have been involved with one of the most transformative real estate projects in the history of North Texas over the past 25 years. AllianceTexas has helped to shape a large portion of our region through thoughtful planning, intentional relationships with our partners, job creation, high quality development, and just doing the right thing. While we had a blank slate to start from at Alliance, we have also started to see portions of our region undergo full revitalization and re-development. Slogans are sometimes just slogans, but through my involvement with TREC, I know firsthand that there is so much truth behind this slogan along with so many talented people who work hard every day to help create a legacy of which the next generation would be proud. I would invite anyone who isn’t familiar with the work TREC is doing to help “Build the City You’ve Imagined,” to get involved, and see for yourself. If I had one thing to look back on at the end of my career, it would be that I helped to leave it better than I found it.