ALC Application Process

Applicants should plan to attend both Open Houses. These happy hour events are an opportunity to meet members of the ALC Steering Committee in an informal setting before votes are cast for class selection.

The first Open House is open to anyone interested in learning more about the program. The ALC Steering Committee, board members of The Real Estate Council and The Real Estate Council Foundation, as well as members of the Leadership Alumni will be on hand to answer questions about the program. The second Open House is open only to those who have submitted full applications.

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Eligibility to Apply

Class of 2021 applicants must be between 27 and 38 years of age as of February 1, 2021 and must have a current membership with The Real Estate Council.

Retreat attendance is mandatory for all ALC class members. If an applicant is unable to attend the ALC Retreat, the applicant is ineligible to apply for the program.

ALC Class of 2021

Application Checklist


Full Application*

  • Completed Full Application
  • Commitment Form signed by applicant and applicant’s employer
  • Two recommendation letters, one from applicant’s employer and one from someone outside the applicant’s company

*Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted

Application Dates**

January 28, 2021: Pre-Application Deadline
February 4, 2021: 1st Open House, interested candidates
February 11, 2021: Full Application Deadline
February 18, 2021: 2nd Open House, applicants only

The application documents for the ALC Class of 2021 will be available online beginning January 4, 2021.

Program Dates**

March 4, 2021: Class Orientation & Chairman’s Reception
March 26-27, 2021: Mandatory Class Retreat
April 9, 2021: Dallas: Past, Present and Future
May 14, 2021: Leadership Development
June 11, 2021: Health of the City
July 9, 2021: Economic Engine
August 20, 2021: Governance
September 10, 2021: Education
October 15, 2021: Creative City
November 5, 2021: Infrastructure
December 10, 2021: Community Investment

**Dates are subject to change