Jul. 10, 2018 by Mike Rosa, DFW Real Estate Review

Learning From the Amazon Bid

The following article originally appeared in the Spring 2018 edition of the DFW Real Estate Review. An excerpt has been reprinted below.

I’ve learned a lot about DFW, like anyone with my job would, in my many years of responding to corporate recruitment opportunities, compiling site and community information to satisfy presentations or proposals, and hosting and touring with corporate visitors. Just being out and about all over DFW in the company of expert community economic developers has been a tremendous education. It’s easy, sometimes, for me to fall into the trap of feeling I know just about everything there is to know about the region, thinking I’m ready for any question. That’s not true, of course. One of the things I enjoyed most about building the DFW Amazon response was the rediscovery of the things that make our region a great place for companies and talent.

Only one of the seven Harry Potter books has more pages than the 654 pages of text, charts, maps, tables, images, and exhibits we prepared for Amazon. I’m reading back through it all with our team, so we’re tuned better than ever to present this region and to respond to corporate recruitment opportunities, particularly on location issues. Location is not only important to Amazon, but it also is trending critical today for all corporate moves, like mobility, talent attraction, diversity, and sustainability.

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