What is the JPMorgan Chase PRO Neighborhoods Grant Program?

Partnerships for Raising Opportunity in Neighborhoods (PRO Neighborhoods) is a $125 million, five-year initiative to provide community with the capital and tools they need to support locally-driven solutions and address key drivers of inequality across the country.

The program uses an equitable development approach to economic growth by helping cities implement comprehensive strategies that address barriers to economic mobility.

What is Equitable Development?

According to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, equitable development combines multiple people and place-based strategies to improve local communities physically, socially, and economically in ways that are equitable to all elements of the population.

Where is It Happening?

This pilot program will be developed with partners in three Dallas-area neighborhoods identified in the City of Dallas Comprehensive Housing Policy as being vulnerable to rapid transition:

  • The Forest District in South Dallas/Fair Park
  • The Bottom neighborhood in East Oak Cliff
  • West Dallas’ Census Tract 205

Why Are These Partners Working Together?

Through our collective approach, we recognize that deliberate, collaborative planning is necessary to ensuring the equitable development of these neighborhoods and supporting economically vibrant and diverse communities. This includes access to affordable housing, vibrant neighborhood centers, small business growth, healthy food options, parks, and arts and culture.

The PRO Neighborhoods Planning Grant will expedite, institutionalize, and expand our existing collaborative efforts, enabling us to continuously learn from one another and, together, build a road map for inclusive development in Dallas.

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