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All the New Engagement Opportunities Coming to TREC in 2021

Feb 24, 2021 | TREC News

In with the new.
Although the coronavirus pandemic brought about major changes to the way we live, work, and support our city in the last year, it also gave us the opportunity to rethink how we engage our members and communities as 2021 kicks into gear.
If you are interested in getting involved with a committee, event or program, contact us or click here to get started.
Here is a quick look at the changes coming to TREC in 2021:

TREC Community Investors

We have united our philanthropic (including the ongoing Dallas Catalyst Project (DCP) and Dallas Collaborative for Equitable Development (DCED)), loan, and real estate education and support efforts as the new TREC Community Investors. A new logo and website for TREC Community Investors is coming soon.
In addition, TREC Community Investors will oversee our reimagined R&D Committee and the new TREC Corporate Volunteer Program this fall.

Leadership Development

Beginning this year, experienced commercial real estate professionals may participate in our Executive Leadership Program, a six-month program designed to sharpen their leadership and professional development skills and provide personalized executive coaching.
Our Associate Leadership Council class calendar will also differ from years’ past. Instead of taking place from September-June, the 10-month program will run this year from March-December.


Despite being unable to meet in person for much of the last year, TREC offered more than 60 educational programs and networking events in 2020 – and we plan on providing even more such opportunities this year.
We are launching TREC Connects Breakfast Groups, which will allow TREC members of all ages and career levels to meet over breakfast, this fall. We have also moved our annual FightNight from the spring to the fall in hopes that we will be able to safely gather once again.

Educational Events & Programs

The pandemic delayed the start of our all-new educational program The Deal: Real Estate Acquisition to Disposition, but we plan on beginning class this fall. We will also host a Public Policy Day at Dallas City Hall in the fall, giving our members the opportunity to interact with elected officials and get a closer look at how our city is governed.

Young Guns

We are revamping our annual Young Guns fundraiser to support TREC Community Investors, scheduled to take place in June. Stay tuned for more information.