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How Should You Dress for Giving Gala 2018?

Oct 2, 2018 | TREC News

Casual chic with a Western twist.
That’s the dress code for this year’s Giving Gala, TREC’s annual celebration of its members and donors’ generosity toward our city, and we’ll admit our description sounds somewhat vague.
After all, what is “casual chic?” What is a “Western twist?” How do you combine them? You have the boots, maybe a belt buckle or Stetson hat, but there’s a time and place to wear them. Surely, a gala at the Hilton Anatole’s Trinity Ballroom, surrounded by the Who’s Who of commercial real estate here in Dallas, is neither the time nor the place.
But that’s where you’re mistaken! We want to see the boots, the belt buckles, the hats. Break out the spurs if you’ve got them. Giving Gala 2018 is the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton for a night. Play cowboy with us on Thursday and on Friday you can return to your regularly-scheduled midnight navy and charcoal programming.
If your wardrobe regularly features these items, even better! Maybe you finally clean those boots of yours and, instead of wearing them with that suit, pair with some slick jeans and a casual button-down shirt. Maybe you’ve found the perfect dress, but it’s not quite right for the office or a big night out on the town. Maybe all it lacked was that bit of Western flair.
So what should you wear?
Honestly? Wear what you want. We subscribe to the idea that defining “Casual chic with a Western twist” should be left to the individual, our Giving Gala guest. Wear something you feel as comfortable two-steppin’ in as you do closing the big deal. Just make sure you look good.
Of course, you want suggestions. It’s understandable. Getting dressed for anything, let alone a casual fall gala, can be difficult for both men and women. Let’s see some colors and patterns, lightweight materials. Show off the latest trends. Accessorize. But perhaps the best advice we can give is this: ditch the suit. Please, PLEASE leave the suit at home. You wore that thing all day at the office and Giving Gala 2018 is a casual event. If you wear it, you will be noticeably overdressed.
For one night, for only a few hours, wear something else. Bonus points if it includes a bolo tie.