Mar. 17, 2017 by TREC Staff

FightNight Raffle: It’s a Win-Win

FightNight raffle tickets are on sale now! For just $25/entry you could take home some spectacular prizes. But did you know purchasing a raffle ticket (or making a donation) also supports our community? Each year’s raffle proceeds benefit TREC Foundation’s good works, like the Associate Leadership Council (ALC) Class Project, which this year, is remodeling Harmony Community Development Center‘s food pantry.

Here’s what you need to know about the ALC Class Project:

  • Issue: A focus of Harmony CDC’s resource center includes providing healthy, nutritional and quality food to individuals and families in need through their 2,450-square-foot food pantry. But the food pantry doesn’t allow any choice for the clients.
  • TREC’s Contribution: Raffle sale proceeds will help the ALC Class convert the current facility into a client choice model. So instead of volunteers pre-boxing the same food for everyone, clients will make their own healthy food selection in a grocery market shopping style. The ALC Class will provide structural, engineering, architectural and all other services.
  • Impact: The remodeling will help manage food costs, reduce waste, provide healthy options, accommodate dietary restrictions and allow Harmony personnel to spend more time with the client as they shop. 
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De’On Collins, HFF – 2016 Top-Seller

Buy your raffle tickets or make a donation to support projects like at Harmony CDC. This has become a fierce competition between ALC classes and class members. The top-selling class member will be announced at FightNight and will assist with drawing raffle winners between the fights. Winners do not have to be present to claim their prize.

If you’re not convinced, let the ALC class members explain the importance of purchasing a raffle ticket. Class members answered the question…Why should someone buy a raffle ticket?

Jason Burke, Granite Properties:

“The raffle sales are a fun way for people to help give back and are the main way TREC funds great projects like ALC’s class project to renovate the food pantry for Harmony CDC.”

Aaron Echols, Frost Bank:

“Buying a raffle ticket or making a donation allows you to do good with your dollars because those funds are leveraged with valuable professional services from TREC members to improve life for the underserved members of the Dallas community, thanks to the work and expertise of numerous nonprofits.”

Jason Hauck, Trinsic Residential Group:

“Your raffle dollars will assist the renovation and modernization of the only food pantry serving two South Dallas zip codes.”

Mark Hayes, Stream Realty Partners:

“Expand the capabilities of an NPO that is making a tangible impact on the community’s sustenance needs.”

Corinne Hoffman, Chief Partners LP:

“At Harmony CDC, I’m impressed with the grass roots organization their community and staff members have developed. It thrills me to help give them the resources they need to impact even more members in the community through their counseling services and food pantry.”

Katy Jane Jenevein, Eastdil Secured:

“TREC amplifies your impact. Giving through TREC multiplies the effect with dedicated, thoughtful professional seeking to preserve and improve our Dallas community.”

Ryan Koch, Pacheco Koch:

“All raffle proceeds will go toward TREC Foundation projects, including this year’s ALC Class project, the renovation of the Harmony CDC Food Pantry; You’re contributing to a good cause AND you get a chance to win some awesome prizes!”

Zachary LampHKS:

“To help support a community where 20 percent of the population is food insecure.”

Todd Marchesani, Southern Land Company:

“Because while there is inherent risk with any raffle, the reward is the perennial benefit to the organizations we support.”

Anna Plemons, Perkins+Will:

“Raffle sales support all philanthropic efforts championed by TREC, including the Harmony CDC project that our ALC class is currently working on, which allows us the opportunity to give back to the community in a meaningful way.”

Brian N. Smith, TRT Holdings, Inc.:

“Buying raffle tickets to benefit the TREC Foundation is the most impactful way to give your money, because passionate and talented professionals provide professional service and utilize their connections to make project grant dollars go three to five times further than a financial gift to a benefiting organization.”

Drew Tappan, Crow Holdings Industrial:

“Buying a raffle ticket provides hope – not only the hope for personal enjoyment via a winning prize or fun-filled trip with a loved one, but a greater hope in the sense of helping provide others with the basic necessities of life that we so often take for granted.”

Brian Webster, KWA Construction:

“We as an ALC class are supporting bringing dignity to those who are trying to feed their families.”

Chris Young, Comerica Bank:

“You should buy a raffle ticket because your money is going to directly affect someone else’s life that is less fortunate than you.”