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4 Reasons Why We Give

Mar 24, 2016 | TREC News

As we all know, it is very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of trying to balance work and our personal lives. So, when we were asked to explain why we give to Young Gun’s I Give! campaign we were forced to take a moment to stop running and reflect. Why do we give to I Give!?
After thoughtful consideration, we came up with four reasons:
1. Giving helps us center our focus.
Although we hate to admit it, sometimes the commercial real estate industry makes us a little self-centered. As real estate professionals, too frequently we accidently end up with blinders on trying to close a deal or project and we forget about the bigger picture. Donating our hard earned dollars makes us remember there are other more important struggles going on in the world. It also helps us stay “others-focused”, which is really at the heart of serving our clients and our communities.
2. We believe in TREC’s mission.
We understand there are a lot of organizations out there and real estate professionals have a limited amount of time and money; therefore, it is essential to focus efforts on an organization that reflects one’s passions. TREC unites its members and provides the opportunity to impact the lives of others while developing the leaders of tomorrow. TREC sparks community transformation, influences policy and propels careers in DFW. We unite to build the city we’ve imagined. Over the past 25 years, TREC has contributed more than $10 million in grant funds, reached more than 327,000 individuals in need, assisted more than 100 nonprofit organizations, and completed more than 3,000 hours of time worth more than $750,000 each year!
3. It’s fun.

Who didn’t love the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? We all laughed a little too hard when our moms got on social media looking absolutely ridiculous when they dumped a bucket of ice their heads. When giving campaigns like this go viral, it is just plain fun to join the bandwagon and watch it grow. We hope Young Guns I Give! campaign will go viral. That’s why we created the “I Give! Donor Badge” for your LinkedIn page. If you give $100, you get a badge to show your LinkedIn connections you are committed to TREC. Bam!
4. It’s tax deductible.

Let’s be realistic, we all are looking out for the bottom line. At any gift level, your donation is tax deductible.
As the Young Guns I Give! co-chairs, we hope this will encourage you to reflect on what inspires you to give. We also hope you will consider a donation to the I Give! campaign. You can click here to donate, text 469-214-6119 to give or set up a monthly donation by contacting our Foundation Director, Robin Minick.