Oct. 31, 2019 by TREC Staff

How to Win Our Inaugural TopGolf Tournament

Our upcoming TopGolf fundraiser is sure to be a fun-filled evening of networking and (friendly) competition in support of The Real Estate Council’s Political Action Committee, but let’s face it: You want to win.

What better feeling than finishing up a long day at the office and then absolutely dominating the competition at TopGolf? We certainly can’t think of one.

We can’t wait to see who emerges as the leader of our TopGolf pack, the undisputed champion(s) – until next year, at least – within our organization.

HOWEVER, having the longest drive or the prettiest swing is only half the battle. After all, TopGolf is a game of equal parts skill and luck. And the name of our game for this fundraiser is TopContender, most notably, the team version of TopContender.

Unfamiliar with TopContender? Here are the rules:

  • TopContender players are split into teams – if you have registered to play as an individual, we will match you with a team – and take four shots at the field’s score targets per turn.
  • Point totals vary depending on which part of the target your shot hits. The closer your shot is to the middle of the target, the higher your point total will be!
  • The highest-scoring ball per turn will be used as the team’s score for that round. For example: If your team scores 0, 2, 3, and 7 on your turn, your score for that turn will be 7.
  • The highest team score after 20 rounds wins.
  • Teams can score double points if players hit four consecutive shots in either the yellow, green, brown, blue, or white targets.
  • Teams can score triple points in the 20th round, also known as the bonus ball round. Players will have to hit the brown, blue, white, or trench target to score triple points.

With that, we wish you the best of luck, and we’ll see you on November 6!

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