Oct. 05, 2017 by TREC Staff

TREC Announces 2017 ‘Impact’ Volunteer Award Recipients

At tonight’s Giving Gala, The Real Estate Council will continue a tradition it began last year of honoring an individual member, a member company and nonprofit with Impact awards for their service to TREC and the Dallas community.

These awards recognize the hard work our volunteers, companies and nonprofits contribute to making lasting change in our community. Without you, TREC’s impact would not be possible.

This year’s recipients are:

Volunteer Impact Award: Kellie Jasso, Balfour Beatty Construction

As project manager for the Young Guns Foundation project this year at the Aberg Center for Literacy, Kellie helped raise more than $60,000 in in-kind donations as her team renovated classrooms and supplied hundreds of books for the center. She volunteered nearly 400 hours to TREC Foundation – more than any other member – and her example and dedication to improving the quality of life in our community are emblematic of who we are as an organization.

Membership Impact Award: Deloitte.

In the last several years, Deloitte. has contributed hundreds of hours of pro bono work in reviewing the financial statements of TREC Foundation grant applicants. Its consulting group’s outstanding leadership, vision and service were instrumental in helping TREC develop the strategy for what has become the Dallas Catalyst Project, a three-year initiative to supply $1 million in grants and professional services toward a community real estate project.

Legacy Leaders Impact Award: Jubilee Park and Community Center

Jubilee Park and Community Center has worked tirelessly to make a lasting, positive impact by prioritizing the development of afterschool programs, safe play spaces and senior housing in its community. With this award, Jubilee Park and Community Center will create a program to offer residents training in construction and security jobs. As Dallas works to mitigate historic levels of poverty, job training that leads to employment and better wages is more important than ever.

Congratulations to our honorees! Your actions and drive are an inspiration to continue our efforts to positively impact our community. We are fortunate to work with you all!