Jan. 11, 2019 by TREC Staff

TREC Adds New Calendar, Site Map to Website

We’ve added two new features to our website in the last month.

What are they?

A calendar and site map.

Wait, doesn’t TREC already have a calendar?

Sort of, and that’s why we added our new one. Previously, TREC members could access our events page to view upcoming educational programs, special events and volunteer days, but the page itself didn’t look like a calendar.

So you built one.

We did. Our new calendar features a month-at-a-glance view and color-coding system so you can easily identify an event’s corresponding TREC entity. We’ve also expanded our calendar offerings. With our new calendar, you’ll never miss a committee meeting!

It certainly seems user-friendly. How do I access it?

There are two ways of finding the calendar within our website. The calendar is located along the toolbar in the upper right corner of the website as well as in our full menu, which you can see by clicking the hamburger menu next to the toolbar and then clicking “Full Menu.”

How do I use the calendar?

Once you’ve found your event, click it. A pop-up will then appear with your event’s name, date, time, location and additional relevant information (it’s typically parking details). You’ll also see two buttons; the first allows you to view the event’s complete details, while the other lets you add the event to your *insert all the email platforms* calendar.

What’s with the site map?

Our site map not only identifies every active web page on our site, but also links to them.

Where can I find it?

The site map is also located within the toolbar in the top right corner of the screen and in the expanded menu. As our website changes, so will the site map.

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