May. 31, 2019 by TREC Staff

TREC Releases ‘Endless Opportunities’ Brochure For Members, Sponsors

Earlier this month, we described five ways you could maximize your TREC membership. Now, we’re giving you a secret weapon to actually (finally?) participate: Our Endless Opportunities brochure.

Ooh, what’s that?

As its title suggests, our Endless Opportunities brochure is a one-stop shop for all things TREC, from membership information to event descriptions and sponsorship opportunities.

What kind of information will I find in the brochure?

The brochure serves as a reference guide for the different programs, committees, and opportunities that TREC offers its members and member companies. Information abounds: Event, program, and committee descriptions, participation eligibility, sponsorship costs and company visibility, and any associated fees.

How can this brochure help me?

For starters, you’ll never forget TREC’s mission statement! That, along with TREC’s contact information and social media handles, covers the first page alone!

In all seriousness, Endless Opportunities offers everything you need to carve your path within our organization – and we mean everything! We have pages on events, leadership development opportunities, membership and sponsorship benefits, TREC Community Fund, TREC Foundation, the Dallas Catalyst Project, TREC’s educational and volunteer programs, and everything in between.

How do I use it?

Let’s say you’d like to know more about TREC’s public policy initiatives. Simply flip to the pages titled ‘Impact Policy’ and browse the two committees (TREC PAC and the Public Policy Committee) and eight (that’s right, eight!) different events offered throughout the year. Then log on to the PAC & Public Policy page on our website to learn how you can join the committee(s) and check out our calendar to register for upcoming events.

Neat-o! Are print copies of the brochure available?

They are! While copies are limited, we will bring some to events, and more are available at our offices. However, it’s probably best you bookmark the digital version of the brochure and refer to it throughout the year.

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