Dallas Collaborative
For Equitable Development

In October 2019, The Real Estate Council Community Investors received one of seven investments nationwide from JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Partnerships for Raising Opportunity in Neighborhoods (PRO Neighborhoods) program to lead the Dallas Collaborative for Equitable Development (DCED). Alongside partner organizations Dallas College and LiftFund, the DCED will focus on housing and real estate development, jobs and wealth creation, and community ownership and leadership opportunities in three neighborhoods considered most vulnerable to rapid economic transition: The Bottom, West Dallas-Census Tract 205, and the Forest District.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer with the DCED, please contact TREC PRO Neighborhoods Coordinator Celesstia Valdez.



The Partners and Their Roles

  • Create an affordable housing loan fund for land acquisition, construction, and housing rehabilitation in each neighborhood
  • Establish a real estate project management resource for developers and community land trusts
  • Provide funding for small business real estate acquisitions and improvements
  • Work with community leaders to advocate for public policies that ensure adequate representation for each neighborhood

Contact: Felicia Pierson


  • Connect residents and small businesses with resources, programs, and technologies that enhance economic, social, and policy equity within the three neighborhoods
  • Establish the Small Business and Corporate Growth Lab within the Bill J. Priest Center and invest in workforce development programs and leadership training opportunities for community members interested in growing their career or business
  • Create two administrative positions, the Assistant Director of Special Programs (Marketing and Outreach) and the Manager of Community Outreach, to support the Small Business and Corporate Growth Lab’s initiatives and work with community leaders to assess workforce training needs 

Contact: Cristin Thomas


Small Business Resources Interest

Job Training Interest

  • Provide technical assistance and low-cost lending to small businesses located within the neighborhoods and the adjacent Forest District opportunity zones

Contact: Isaac Elizondo



Affordable Housing Loan Fund

The TREC Community Fund Affordable Housing Loan Fund provides capital for affordable housing development projects within the three neighborhoods. This new loan program is designed to support the availability of affordable housing for residents with annual median incomes up to a maximum 120 percent average median income (maximum AMI may be lowered based on the median income of the neighborhood) as defined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Loan funds can be used for land acquisition, construction, and housing rehabilitation work. Learn more here.

AT&T Invests $100K in DCED Affordable Housing Loan Fund

Real Estate Project Teams

Want to be a part of the Dallas Collaborative for Equitable Development? We are actively seeking TREC members to lead and participate in our real estate project teams to provide volunteer and pro bono resources toward our affordable housing partnerships within the three neighborhoods.

DCED PRO Neighborhoods Chair: Aaron Echols, Frost Bank

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Nov. 02, 2020

TRECcast: Frost Bank’s Aaron Echols on DCED Initiative, Equitable Development

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The Neighborhoods

West Dallas Census Tract 205

  • Population: 5,452 residents, 1,813 households
  • Median Income: $16,012*
  • Poverty rate: 55.9 percent**
  • Home ownership rate: 4 percent

The Bottom

  • Population: 398 residents, 125 households
  • Median Income: $24,320*
  • Poverty rate: 52 percent**
  • Home ownership rate: 43.2 percent

Forest District

  • Population: 1,999 residents, 429 households
  • Median Income: $24,702*
  • Poverty rate: 26.6 percent**
  • Home ownership rate: 24.5 percent

* the average median income for City of Dallas residents is $45,215

** the City of Dallas has a 21.8 percent poverty rate

Sources: 2018 ESRI Business Analyst Projections, 2012-16 American Community Survey

Community Driven Growth:
A Roadmap to Dallas’ Equitable Development

The Dallas Collaborative for Equitable Development’s work is based on the year-long, TREC Community Fund-led study Community Driven Growth: A Roadmap For Dallas’ Equitable Development, which analyzed common barriers to economic prosperity in The Bottom, West Dallas Census Tract 205, and the Forest District. Researchers surveyed more than 4,300 properties in the three neighborhoods and heard feedback from hundreds of residents and community leaders in developing a plan for creating a more equitable Dallas.

Read the Report