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During TREC’s five-month Mentorship Program, young commercial real estate professionals are matched with senior executive mentors to help them develop actionable plans to achieve their career goals. The relationships built and skills learned during the program equip mentees with the tools they need to accelerate their careers.

Commercial real estate professionals age 35 and under may apply to be mentees. The program is limited to 45 participants. Each applicant must have a current TREC membership. Preference will be given to applicants actively engaged in TREC activities and those who have not participated in the program before.

2022 Mentorship Program Details

Program Expectations

The 2022 program will run from April to August. In that time, mentor-mentee pairings should:

Attend Mentorship Program kickoff event together
Hold a minimum of two one-on-one meetings
Attend two designated group meetings
Attend one TREC or industry-related event together

Mentee Responsibilities

  • Be prepared to lead each mentoring meeting with prepared topics to discuss
  • Be specific with mentor about your goals and how they can help your career
  • Establish realistic and attainable expectations for yourself and mentor for setting meetings and communication
  • Do not seek employment or contacts through your mentor

Important Dates*

  • February 14, 2022: Mentorship applications go live
  • March 14, 2022: Mentorship applications are due
  • April 6, 2022: Mentorship Program Kickoff Breakfast

*Dates are subject to change