Dec. 01, 2020 by Sandra Engelland, DFW Real Estate Review

How CitySquare is Building a More Equitable Future in Dallas

What can real estate professionals do to help fight poverty and homelessness? A lot, says John Siburt, president and chief operating officer of CitySquare.

“We recognize the significant lack of affordable housing in Dallas. We can’t really build an equitable future unless real estate professionals help tackle that,” he said.

CitySquare, one of the largest non-profits providing housing in Dallas, offers subsidies to help people pay rent, and provides over 1,000 low-income units in Dallas through a number of housing programs.

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Along with meeting housing needs, CitySquare fights hunger through its CitySquare Food Pantry, promotes health by providing physical and mental health services, and offers physical and mental health services, and offers hope through job training programs at its Opportunity Center.

“We have a holistic approach,” Siburt said. “Poverty attacks you in a number of ways, so we’re going to fight on multiple fronts.”

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