Your Dollars at Work

In all of our activities, we are faithful stewards of your dollars. A board of directors, chaired by Gerald Dunn, governs the PAC and meets regularly to discuss and monitor issues and candidates. PAC membership fees and contributions support candidates and fund advocacy efforts, policy campaigns and programs supporting public policy issues. Contributions must be from personal funds payable to The Real Estate Council PAC and are not tax deductible.

If you have any questions about TREC’s Political Action Committee, please contact our Director of Public Policy Bryan Tony.

Join the PAC

PAC Membership Levels

The PAC is open to all members of The Real Estate Council. Your membership in and contributions to the PAC ensure that our professional advocates represent your business interests locally and in Austin. The PAC also directly funds our candidate endorsements. Membership in the PAC begins at $50, but we encourage you to join at the $1,000 level to qualify to participate on the PAC board. Our goal is 100 percent member support of the PAC.

  • $1,000 or more: Eligible for the PAC board; access to all PAC events, including receptions and briefings; participation in candidate interviews
  • $500-$999: Access to all PAC events, including receptions and briefings; and participation in candidate interviews
  • $500 or below: Access to all PAC events, including receptions and briefings
  • $250: If you are 35 or younger and join at the $250 level, you can access all PAC events and participate in candidate interviews

You can join the PAC online by clicking here or mailing a personal check payable to “The Real Estate Council PAC,” at 3100 McKinnon Street, Suite 1150, Dallas, TX 75201.

PAC Events

TREC PAC events are held periodically throughout the year. Please register via our Events page and contact TREC Public Policy Director Bryan Tony with any questions.

PAC Candidate Interviews
Participate in interviews with candidates for public office and vote to support which candidates best support TREC’s policy vision.

  • Please note: You must be a PAC member to participate.

PAC TopGolf Tournament
Show off your golf game by participating in TREC PAC’s annual TopGolf tournament. Compete in teams and help the PAC replenish its funds from campaign expenditures.

  • Please Note: You do not have to be a PAC member to attend this event, but you must make a personal PAC contribution to register.

PAC Board

    Gerald Dunn
    , Benchmark Title
    Kristian Teleki
    , Matthews Southwest
    Linda McMahon, The Real Estate Council*
    Steve Rado, EY
    Bill Cawley,
    Cawley Partners*
    Brian Mullen, StreetLights Residential*
    Elias Bahar
    , Balfour Beatty Construction*
    Huntley Lewis
  • Heath Cheek, Bell Nunnally & Martin LLP
  • Britton Church, JLB Partners
  • David Davidson, Davidson Bogel Real Estate
  • Matthew S. Enzler, Trammell Crow Residential
  • Roger Gault, Gault Company
  • Matt Hudnall, Maynard Cooper & Gale
  • Jim Koch, Pacheco Koch
  • Dave Meyer, Grant Thornton
  • Jon Napper, Courtland Group, LLC
  • Courtney Spellicy, Austin Commercial
  • Robert Voelker, StreetLights Residential
  • Lee White, Kaizen Development Partners (KDP)
  • Manny Ybarra, Pillar Commercial

*Nonvoting member

PAC Members

  • John Adolph
  • Sue Ansel
  • Brandon Avedikian
  • Thomas Bakewell
  • John Bartling
  • Evan Beattie
  • Robert Bennett
  • Jim Berry
  • John Bielamowicz
  • Lucy Billingsley
  • Bryan Birkeland
  • Diane Butler
  • Pryor Blackwell
  • Bryant Buechele
  • Keith Bjerke
  • Kevin Bryant
  • Kim Butler
  • Peter Butler
  • Glenn Callison
  • Aaron Capps
  • Nancy Carter
  • Britton Church
  • John Cullins
  • Michael W. Dardick
  • Fernando De Larrera
  • Vance Detwiler
  • Tony Dona
  • Marti DuBuisson
  • Melissa Eastman
  • Courtney Spellicy
  • Matthew S. Enzler
  • Travis Ewert
  • Colin Fitzgibbons
  • Duncan Fulton
  • Ryan Garcia
  • Roger C. Gault
  • David Gleeson
  • Justin Goertz
  • Robert Grunnah
  • Vicky Gunning
  • Will Hodges
  • Kim Hogan
  • Todd Howard
  • Kellie Jasso
  • Katy Jane Jenevein
  • Suzan Kedron
  • Kennis Ketchum
  • William L. Kinnard
  • Jim Knight
  • Michael Krywucki
  • Teddy Leatherman
  • Huntley Lewis
  • David Little
  • Edmund Lord
  • Ramsey March
  • Jason Mattox
  • David Meyer
  • Frank Mihalopoulos
  • Stephen Modory
  • Jon Napper
  • Kenneth Orr
  • Judson Pankey
  • Mitch Paradise
  • Joseph Pitchford
  • Grant Robinson
  • Jared Rooker
  • Ross Ruschhaupt
  • Deborah Ryan
  • Arthur Santa-Maria
  • John Scovell
  • Lewis Shaw, II
  • Ken Shulman
  • Neal Sleeper
  • Jeff Swope
  • Andrew Stack
  • Randy Streig
  • Sean Tate
  • Kristian Teleki
  • Patrick Todd
  • Shawn Todd
  • Tommy Tucker
  • Herb Weitzman
  • Manny Ybarra