Member Spotlight: Take Five With Coats Rose P.C.’s Mattye Jones

by | Jun 25, 2021 | TREC Member Spotlight

Mattye Jones, Coats Rose P.C.
2021 Public Policy Chair

What is the most important aspect of engaging our members on public policy issues and initiatives as we continue to move away from the restrictions and safety precautions brought on by the pandemic?

The most important aspect of engaging our members on public policy and initiatives is to relay our commitment to our efforts so as to ensure continued participation by the membership. This is particularly important because the heartbeat of an organization is vibrancy of each individual’s insight, contribution, and passion that the mission will proceed in part because of them. Our goal is to practice safety as a result of the pandemic and to reignite using safe protocols. I am looking forward to socializing again.

What public policy issues should TREC members keep on their radar during the second half of 2021?

There are several initiatives underway. I believe that there are two issues TREC members should keep on their radar and promote within their respective professional and personal spaces. The first is finding ways to build catalytic projects that will change opportunities through economic development, because many communities need comps to bring capital. The second is affordable housing initiatives whereby workforce housing is considered for all sectors of the City of Dallas. So, developing contemporary housing for the missing middle is important! We need sponsors and operators to help advance the policy decisions for the city.

When did you first take an interest in public policy (with TREC or elsewhere) and how did you go about getting involved?

I first took interest in public policy at a very young age. My household was electrified with discussion on politics and public policy throughout my childhood. I ran the Business and Commerce Office for the Texas House of Representatives during my time in Austin. Undergrad and law school at the University of Texas at Austin was great to feed my love for Texas politics. I continued my interest in legislation and policy in careers after law school. At some point I had roles with public housing and real estate development. I got more involved by taking on leadership roles in affordable housing and community development law organizations such as the American Bar Association and Housing and Development Law Institute. It has been a joy to be able to participate in education and promoting economic development and housing for enhancing quality of life. I’ve enjoyed my various roles at TREC, which began in the nineties.

What is the best meal in Dallas?

The best meal in Dallas is my husband’s ribs and brisket.

TREC’s slogan, Build the City You’ve Imagined, is often used as a challenge to our members and community partners to leave a positive, long-lasting impact on our skyline and industry. What does this expression mean to you? What kind of impact would you like to leave?

The expression to build the city you’ve imagined, is to do so in every aspect of our daily walk. I believe our challenge is to promote and support policies, programs, and philanthropy for a richer culture and city that is harmonious, safe and inspiring.

The impact that I would like to leave is to have been a part of projects that demonstrate excellence in every possible manner. I would also like to have behaved in a way through advocacy and collegial relationships that encouraged individuals to strive hard and always do better.

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