In early November, TREC members will vote to select the next Dallas Catalyst Project partnership from 2-3 finalist teams comprised of nonprofit and community organizations representing their target neighborhoods. All TREC members are eligible to participate, and the vote will take place after presentations from the finalist teams.

Check out our frequently asked questions about the member vote below, and click here to register to attend the voting event.

Dallas Catalyst Project 2.0 Member Vote: Frequently Asked Questions
When and where will the vote take place?

The vote will take place on Tuesday, November 7, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m at the Communities Foundation of Texas Mabel Peters Caruth Center, 5500 Caruth Haven Lande at Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75225-8146.

What is Dallas Catalyst Project 2.0?

The Dallas Catalyst Project is a place-based neighborhood revitalization initiative that partners TREC Community Investors with nonprofit and community organizations that invest in a disinvested Dallas neighborhood through impactful real estate projects that address housing, education, and equitable economic development.

How will Dallas Catalyst Project 2.0 differ from Dallas Catalyst Project: Forest District?

Dallas Catalyst Project 2.0 will seek to replicate the success of Dallas Catalyst Project: Forest District within a new Dallas neighborhood with new community partners. However, we will continue our partnership with the Forest District as additional projects are completed.

Who are the finalists?

The three finalist proposals are Mill City: Feelin’ Good About Your Neighborhood Project, South Oak Cliff: The East Ledbetter Drive Revitalization Project, and Tenth Street Historic District & Freedman’s Town Revitalization Project. You can learn more about the finalists here.

Dallas Catalyst Project: Forest District has lasted five years. How long will 2.0 last?

Funding will be provided over multiple years. Dallas Catalyst Project: Forest District began as a three-year commitment and later expanded.

How much will the initial investment be into the Dallas Catalyst Project 2.0 neighborhood?

The initial investment will be $1 million.

When will the selected neighborhood be announced?

The selected neighborhood will be announced in December 2023.

When will Dallas Catalyst Project 2.0 begin?

Dallas Catalyst Project 2.0 will begin in early 2024.

Will I be able to vote if I don’t attend?

TREC members must attend the November 7 proposal event in person to vote.

How can I get involved with Dallas Catalyst Project 2.0?

If you are interested in learning about future DCP 2.0 volunteer opportunities, please complete the TREC Member Volunteer Interest Form or contact Celesstia Valdez.