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Map Dallas’ Future With TREC Think Tank

Dec 20, 2018 | TREC News

Calling all policy wonks: We want YOU to join TREC Think Tank.
Convened by Leadership Development Chair Scott Rohrman, Founder of 42 Real Estate, LLC, TREC Think Tank is a new initiative from The Real Estate Council’s Political Action Committee and Public Policy Committee designed to identify and advocate for forward-thinking, city-planning solutions for the City of Dallas.
In developing TREC Think Tank, we are looking to identify big-picture solutions for maintaining North Texas’ growth and prosperity over the next 30-plus years.
TREC Think Tank participants will take a blank-slate approach to analyzing the issues of today and tomorrow by passionately researching and debating all sides of a topic. No one position will be considered untouchable in conversation and all areas of the Dallas community and North Texas region will be considered so that we may determine the right long-term vision for the future.
During their research, participants will immerse themselves in broad categories of city-planning and develop SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely – action items for advocacy. Wonks will be provided readings to stay informed and prepared for meetings. Each meeting will encourage brainstorming, debate and share opinions.
TREC Think Tank will then report its vision and action items to TREC’s Public Policy Committee and Executive Board. But to have that vision, we must first dream. Only then can that vision be adopted into a mission that we will bring to reality.
TREC Think Tank meetings will take place:

  • January 22—Introduction & Brainstorm Broad Categories
  • March 26—Revisit Brainstorm of Broad Categories
  • April 30—Deep Dives by Issue begin
  • June 11—Issue Deep Dive
  • August 20—Issue Deep Dive, Take stock of status and process
  • September 24—Issue Deep Dive
  • October 29—Wrap Up and prepare presentation to TREC leadership

If you are interested in participating in TREC Think Tank, please complete this brief survey.