Jul. 11, 2019 by TREC Staff

So You Want to Join a Dallas City Board or Commission?

Do you want to be a City of Dallas board member or commissioner?

That was the question posed to attendees at The Real Estate Council’s (TREC) recent Public Policy 101: Boards and Commissions. There is no shortage of vacancies ready to be filled on a variety of the City of Dallas’ boards and commissions. From the Animal Advisory Commission and Arts and Culture Advisory Commission to TIF boards and the Housing Finance Corporation, the City of Dallas needs thoughtful, engaged citizens to oversee many of its initiatives and guide policymaking.

TREC recommends the following steps to anyone interested in pursuing a vacant board or commission position:

  1. Explore the City of Dallas’ boards and commissions webpage
  2. Decide your board(s) or commission(s) of interest
  3. Fill out an online application
  4. Introduce yourself to the Council members who make appointments
  5. Follow-up: be patient, yet persistent

Keep in mind: the newly-elected Mayor of Dallas and City Council members will have the opportunity to appoint new board members and commissioners in the near future.

Some common misconceptions are that you need to have prior knowledge and live within the district of the appointing City Council member before serving on a City of Dallas board and commission. While having a specific skill set is sometimes required, and knowledge of or proximity to the Council member’s district is encouraged, anyone with a willingness to listen, learn, and make sound judgments would be an asset to any board or commission.

For those considering seeking public office down the road, being a City of Dallas board member or commissioner is a great way to gain an insider’s knowledge of how the city operates, build your resume while serving the community, and develop yourself personally and professionally.

Public Policy 101’s are an on-going educational series that teach TREC members the need-to-know issues and basics to serve on a city board, commission or task force and give back to the greater Dallas community.

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