Jun. 26, 2018 by Amy Wolff Sorter, DFW Real Estate Review

Stephen Crosson: Straddling the Ropes of Two Worlds

The following article originally appeared in the Spring 2018 edition of the DFW Real Estate Review. An excerpt has been reprinted below.

If you Google “Stephen T. Crosson,” what pops up is a lot of commercial real estate-specific information. Crosson’s decades-long career includes his current role as Principal with Capright, and other prominent positions, such as chairman and CEO of Crosson Dannis Inc., and board chair/editor-in-chief of The Appraisal Journal. It says he has served as an expert witness on real estate valuation  cases.

What is lacking in those results, however, is that for decades, Crosson has been involved with professional boxing. Heavily involved.

That’s why it makes sense that another of his roles is co-founder and recurrent Boxing Chairman of The Real Estate Council’s FightNight.

The annual event, now in its 30th year, is a popular charitable endeavor. Everyone who is anyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth commercial real estate community attends, with proceeds going toward the TREC Foundation. This year’s event was expected to raise $26 million.

“I’ve been doing this as long as I have, because they can’t find anyone else with the strange set of skills I have,” Crosson says, with a laugh.

FightNight is a glittering affair which typically attracts around 1,500 people. However, the situation was different in 1989, when the event made its debut.

“The Dallas real estate industry was completely in the tank,” Crosson says. “We were in the worst possible recession—some would say depression—in commercial real estate. We thought we might be able to, maybe, get 300 people to attend.”

The result? “We ended up with 880 people, and a long waiting list,” Crosson says.

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