Jul. 23, 2021 by TREC Staff

TREC Community Investors Member Spotlight: July 2021

The hard work and dedication of our membership base forms the bedrock of The Real Estate Council’s work to catalyze community investment in Dallas, influence public policy, propel careers, and develop the commercial real estate leaders of tomorrow.

Each month, we are spotlighting TREC members who have made significant volunteer contributions to our community investment initiatives and continue to push the limits of what our organization and its partners can accomplish for our city.

This month, we are proud to recognize Jeff Graham of StudioOutside and Huntley Lewis of KBC Advisors.

Here are their stories:

Jeff Graham, StudioOutside

Jeff is a member of the Dallas Collaborative for Equitable Development (DCED) real estate team partnering with Cornerstone Baptist Church on a project to construct affordable townhomes within the Forest District. Specifically, Jeff coordinates with the team’s civil engineer on landscape and overall site design to enhance the development’s functionality and general aesthetics. “The opportunity to contribute to a project focusing on community development and betterment has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience,” he says. “The multi-disciplinary collaboration between many different design professionals has produced a strong and functional project design for a client who is clearly passionate about the project and the work they’re doing in the community.” Previously, Jeff assisted St. Philip’s School and Community Center with its landscaping and vegetable garden. He has also worked with the Programs Committee to facilitate group site tours and guest speakers for TREC events and enjoys networking and sharing ideas as a Breakfast Group participant.

Huntley Lewis, KBC Advisors

Huntley is also part of the DCED real estate team working with Cornerstone to develop affordable townhomes, assisting with due diligence, design, and permitting. “TREC opened up the opportunity to their membership and I wanted to lend my expertise to improving affordable housing in our community,” he says. “The real estate teams accepted my volunteerism and it’s been a good experience so far, although navigating the City of Dallas’ permitting process is always a challenge. Working with the other professionals on the team has been very rewarding.” Huntley has also been the Young Guns liaison to the TREC Political Action Committee board, a member of the Public Policy Committee, and a Breakfast Group leader. He has also provided in-kind services by creating an existing utilities map of the Forest District to identify infrastructure that could be improved to assist with community investment projects in the area.

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