Dec. 06, 2016 by TREC Staff

TREC Foundation Announces 2017 Grantees

The Real Estate Council Foundation, the philanthropic arm of The Real Estate Council, works to strengthen the community through good works in four key areas: education, housing, job creation and the environment. TREC Foundation is a hands-on organization that gets involved directly with every dollar we invest in the community, which is part of what makes us so efficient and effective.

Each year, our grants, R&D and metrics committees spend hundreds of hours researching dozens of worthy applicants to screen for its potential to benefit the community and its fit with our four focus areas. Here are the organizations TREC Foundation will provide funding and pro bono expertise to in 2017:

Catholic Charities of Dallas: $25,000

Consolidation and Purchase of a New Facility: In its 125th year of operation, Catholic Charites of Dallas (CCD) has performed its services from various nonstrategic and inefficient locations. Due to the inadequate and regressive operational conditions, CCD leadership proposes the acquisition and occupation of a permanent “owned” home for all core mission, development and administrative functions. TREC Foundation’s funds will directed to the finish out of an interior education space.

TREC members will provide a myriad of professional services throughout the facility.

Educational First Steps: $33,000

Partner Center Improvement Project: TREC Foundation’s funding will cover capital improvements for the physical plant and classrooms at EFS’s quality center partner, Katie’s Little Angels, to help them reach the final stages of national accreditation as the first such center in West Dallas.

TREC members will provide a variety of professional services, including space planning.

Emanuel Lutheran Church: $18,000

Historical Parsonage Renovation: TREC Foundation’s funds will help to renovate a 1,200-square-foot, 1900 era former parsonage in deteriorating, not dilapidated, condition on a 20,000-square-foot lot in East Dallas for continued use and expansion as a neighborhood resource.

TREC members will provide technical expertise in connection with the foundation and other repairs.

Genesis Women’s Shelter: $20,000

Emergency Shelter Renovations: TREC Foundation’s funding will support campus updates to help create a safer, more efficient and welcoming facility for the hundreds of women and children who call the shelter home each year.

TREC members will provide a variety of professional services, including architectural assistance.

Harmony CDC (ALC Project): $70,000

Food Pantry Remodeling: TREC Foundation’s renovation of the Harmony CDC Food Pantry will allow a transformation of the current facility to a client choice model, allowing clients to select their food preferences in a grocery market shopping style, as well as other resources. The remodeling will help manage food cost and reduce waste, provide healthy food items preferred by the community, and allow Harmony personnel to spend more time with the client as they shop.

The Associate Leadership Council Class of 2017 will provide structural, engineering, architectural and all other services.

Jubilee Park and Community Center: $15,000

Affordable Housing Initiative: TREC Foundation funding will assist with a large scale project to build affordable houses for low and moderate income families in southeast Dallas over the next two to three years.  TREC members will continue to advise Jubilee Park in this effort.

Moorland YMCA: $50,000

Improving Play: TREC Foundation Funding will assist with Moorland YMCA’s goal to improve the health of its community by adding play and exercise elements to its infrastructure.

TREC members will assist with the planning and installation of these features.

UNT Dallas College of Law: $5,000

Clear Title and Will Initiative: TREC Foundation’s funding will support the UNT Dallas College of Law Community Lawyering Centers in hosting Clear Title and Will Clinics for residents, providing access to services, resources and support to navigate the title process that will ultimately lead to access repair program.

TREC members will provide legal and title assistance.