During the months of July and August, TREC conducted a survey of its members with the goals of:

  • Identifying the value propositions associated with TREC membership;
  • Understanding how members are utilizing their TREC membership benefits;
  • Identifying gaps and opportunities with benefit offerings; and
  • Making recommendations for deliverables and processes associated with the TREC membership experience.

With 13 percent response rate (215 members), TREC was pleased with the feedback received and the information learned.

This effort was led by the Membership Engagement Task Force, which was chaired by Justin Goertz of Ranger Tax Consulting.

The respondents of the survey we a mix of Young Guns members (49 percent) and other members (51 percent), most of whom have been members for three years or less (49 percent). Only 21 percent of the 215 respondents have 10 or more years of membership.

Individuals taking the survey were predominately 35 years or younger (52 percent). The top three industries in which they work in are real estate (43 percent), construction (12 percent), and banking or finance (10 percent). Half work in companies with 1-50 employees.

The top four reasons members join TREC are to develop relationships within the commercial real estate industry, to be educated about issues impacting the CRE industry in Dallas, network with their peers, and for leadership development opportunities.

“It was good to see that members are both familiar with and utilize the majority of the benefits offered through TREC membership,” Goertz said.

Eighty percent of respondents shared they were familiar with or have utilized the Young Guns programs, TREC communications, committees, and events like Market Matters, Speaker Series, and FightNight. TREC members are highly engaged, with sixty-five percent of respondents currently serving or have previously served on a board or committee.

Members are less familiar with TREC’s advocacy efforts, specifically our work at the state level and through the TREC Political Action Committee. To this end, TREC is launching a monthly Public Policy newsletter, called The Download. The first edition was distributed to members in early October.

We even asked some horizon questions to understand if members would take advantage of text message reminders and mobile app. Most respondents said they would use both for event notifications and reminders and calendar management.

The TREC team will be analyzing this data as it finalizes its 2024 program of work. “As a membership organization, it is important to gather feedback from members and know both what they find valuable in the member experience and where they think TREC can expand benefits and programs,” Goertz said.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. The winner of the drawing is Austin Long with The Beck Group. If you stated you would like a follow-up call, the TREC team will be contacting you soon.

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