For their 2023 community investment project, TREC’s Young Guns will redevelop a storefront on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard into a community engagement center and pop-up space that will also be used by patrolling Dallas police officers. The development will be completed in partnership with St. Philip’s School and Community Center as part of the ongoing Dallas Catalyst Project: Forest District.

Located at 1612 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the redeveloped space will provide another community gathering space for residents and is expected to enhance public safety in the Forest District neighborhood. The 1,050 square-foot building was built in 1963 as a liquor store.

The project was approved by the Young Guns Core Committee in early May. More than $55,000 raised during this year’s Casino Night will be used on the project, which Young Guns members anticipate will be completed in two phases throughout the rest of the year.

The site’s most significant needs include flooring, light fixtures, interior and exterior paint, an awning, signage, and indoor and outdoor furniture.

St. Philip’s has begun working with a general contractor to bring the building to a white box condition, which Young Guns members are projecting to be completed sometime in September along with a site cleanup, the installation of outdoor picnic tables, and subcontract flooring and painting.

In October, subcontract work will commence on interior and exterior light fixtures, the awning, and signage.

Two volunteer events are also being planned for September and either November or December, the latter involving painting, pressure washing, and furniture assembly.

If you are interested in volunteering with this project, please contact Celesstia Valdez.

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