The Real Estate Council and Solender/Hall have partnered for a decade to teach “Real Estate 101 for Non-profits,” a five-part course presented free of charge that educates non-profit leaders about the most complex real estate issues that their organizations face. In the last decade, more than 250 non-profit leaders and board members have participated in the course to learn how to make educated real estate decisions and improve their services and programs.

The curriculum was developed by TREC member Eliza Solender, of Solender Hall, who leads the instruction. Industry experts, many who are TREC members, serve as panelists for the various course modules.
Course topics include:

  • Planning/Board Dynamics, Hiring a Broker, Selling and Leasing versus Owning and Potential Bumps
  • Being a Savvy Tenant, Buyer or Seller
  • City Planning and Zoning and Gifts of Real Estate
  • Design and Construction for Purchasing and Leasing
  • Pulling it All Together (Finding the Money)

TREC members who serve as volunteer mentors for course participants provide ongoing support as needed. Expertise in all property types is available: commercial, office, multifamily, retail and single family (home builders and land developers, condominium developers, and others). Development expertise is available in finance, legal, architecture, planning, title, construction, accounting, brokerage, and many other areas of specialization.

According to Eliza Solender of Solender/Hall: “In my career of helping hundreds of non-profits with their real estate needs, I discovered that real estate is typically the second largest budget item, thus making it a high priority for staff and the board of directors. Decisions can be quite costly to the organization. The Real Estate Council recognized an unmet need and asked me to develop the course.”

According the Linda McMahon, president and CEO of The Real Estate Council: “As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Real Estate Council Foundation and as we have expanded our efforts in Community Investment – we have been supporting non-profit organizations through technical assistance, pro bono services, and education. Our members have generously donated their skills to support the nonprofit community in Dallas.”

Non-Profit organizations of all sizes and types have been helped, including schools, healthcare clinics, arts, social service providers, foundations and community organizations.

The Kessler School’s Board Chairman Cooper Koch remarked: “The scariest part of real estate, especially for someone who doesn’t work in the industry, is all the things you don’t know. TREC’s Real Estate 101 curriculum provides a strong foundation for any organization’s leaders to feel more comfortable with the complex process of buying or leasing space to support their mission. Each of the expert speakers, who generously share their knowledge, directly contributes to making our city’s nonprofits stronger and more successful.”

Kevin Boyd, Director of Real Estate and Facility Management for Metrocare Services, added: “Part of the strategy we developed after participating in the course was really analyzing our space utilization and leases. For me, the greatest benefit was the discussions led by various subject matter experts — zoning, appraisals, negotiations, legal, title work. The information each of them shared was invaluable, and I’ve referenced it many times.”

About Solender/Hall:
Since 1991, Solender/Hall has been specializing in the representation of small and medium sized companies and nonprofit organizations in the North Texas area. Find out more at or by calling 214.265.8200.

About The Real Estate Council (TREC):
The Real Estate Council represents more than 2,100 professionals and 650 companies that spark community transformation, influence policy, and propel careers through networking, educational programs, and leadership development. TREC’s mission is to cultivate relationships in the commercial real estate industry to catalyze community investment, influence policy, propel careers and develop the leaders of tomorrow. We believe relationships are the lifeblood of career success, civic responsibility and community investment.

About TREC Community Fund:
TREC Community Fund, a 501 c3 organization, provides nonprofits and for-profit organizations in Dallas and Collin Counties with access to capital for commercial and real estate projects. Through flexible loans paired with technical assistance, businesses and organizations have access to the tools needed to build the community they envision. TREC Community Fund is certified by the United States Department of the Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). For more information, call 214-692-3600.

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