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The Real Estate Council Foundation supports organizations providing critical services to help others in the areas of housing, education, jobs and the environment. If your organization needs assistance, read on to learn about our TREC Foundation’s three channels of support for Dallas nonprofits – the Dallas Catalyst Project, Professional Services and Real Estate 101.

Dallas Catalyst Project


This year, we’re proud to introduce a powerful $1 million grant called the Dallas Catalyst Project designed to Ignite Positive Community Change. This new multi-year grant will combine the efforts of several partnering nonprofits to tackle a significant challenge within a defined geographic area.

What We’re Looking For:
Collaboration: Nonprofits who combine forces to achieve the goals of the proposed project(s) (You do NOT have to create a new organization to collaborate with other organizations.)
Defined Location: Address a significant challenge within a specific geographic location or neighborhood within the City of Dallas
Real Estate Related: Include a real estate component
Fit in Focus Areas: Address one or more of our focus areas: Housing, Jobs, Education and the Environment
Measurable Impact: A clearly defined strategy to create a positive, sustainable impact
Three-Year Timeline: Execution is completed over a three-year period
Volunteer Opportunities: Ability to engage TREC members through volunteer opportunities and professional services (e.g., architecture, engineering, planning, legal)

Apply by June 15, 2017.


Professional Services


When nonprofit organizations need real estate expertise, TREC offers pro bono services including architecture, brokerage, legal, civil engineering, construction, development, due diligence and environmental expertise.

Requests accepted year-round.

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Real Estate 101


Real estate is typically the second largest budget item for nonprofits, so it’s a high priority for senior staff and board of directors. To support these nonprofits, TREC launched Real Estate 101, a series of five two-hour workshops that provid an introductory overview to the complexities of real estate for nonprofits.

Apply by June 30, 2017

Apply for RE 101