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Annual MidYear Membership Pricing Offer Returns

Jul 1, 2022 | TREC News

Our annual midyear membership pricing offer is back! Starting today, all new, renewed, and upgraded 2022 TREC memberships are half-price through Friday, September 30.

Click here to join, renew, or upgrade your membership

This deal is perfect for:

  • Current TREC members seeking additional engagement opportunities
  • Former TREC members who did not renew their memberships for 2022
  • Commercial real estate professionals who are new to the Dallas-Fort Worth region
  • Recent college graduates just getting into the commercial real estate industry

A TREC membership offers exclusive access to education, events, and connections to DFW’s commercial real estate industry that you won’t find anywhere else.

During our midyear membership pricing offer period:

  • A $350 Young Guns membership is $175
  • A $500 Advocate membership is $250
  • A $1,000 Investor membership is $500
  • A $4,500 Partner membership is $2,250
  • A $10,000 Principal membership is $5,000
  • A $15,000 Stakeholder membership is $7,500
  • A $20,000 Founder membership is $10,000

We know that real estate professionals can recognize a good deal when they see one, but let us confirm: This is a fantastic deal.

Considering our multitude of networking events, volunteer projects, leadership development opportunities, and ways to make your mark on our public policy and community investment initiatives, you’re going to want to join, renew, or upgrade your membership sooner rather than later.

So how can you take advantage of this opportunity?

Check out our Become a Member page and Midyear Member Benefits grid to find the membership that’s right for you. You can register virtually or submit a print application. Specialty memberships for public agencies/institutions of higher education, retirees, and students are also available.

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